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Who We Are

Cross Oak Wealth is an independent financial planning and wealth management firm based in Florida. Our goal is to tailor comprehensive financial services to each client’s unique needs, wherever they are in life. By combining our passion for helping with our extensive experience, our mission is to serve as an essential partner on which clients can rely for honest advice, unbiased recommendations, and trusted guidance. We enjoy building close relationships with clients and empowering them to take control of their financial lives and pursue their financial dreams. 

Our firm has developed three core principles:

Planning-Based Approach

We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all plan. Because every person is unique, we customize our strategies to fulfill the specific needs of each client. Through a holistic approach that addresses your entire financial picture, we help you have a clearer understanding of where you are today, evaluate any shortfalls, and identify what steps to take in pursuit of your goals.

Comprehensive Solution

As an independent firm, we aren’t tied to proprietary products or sales quotas. We have access to a wide range of products, resources, tools, and research to provide you unbiased solutions that address your many financial needs. We also collaborate with other trusted professionals in your life, including attorneys and CPA’s, when needed, for estate planning and other strategies.

Individual Client Focus

Because we are a planning-based firm, we take the time to get to know you and ensure we are a good fit for one another. By working with us, we can provide a higher level of personalized service. Beyond developing customized strategies, we proactively communicate with you throughout the year and keep you updated on your investments and strategies. We believe this helps us build stronger relationships that last.

Let us help you evaluate your financial needs and build a personalized plan designed to guide you toward financial comfort and security.

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